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Animal physio in your own home. As a qualified veterinary physiotherapist (ACPAT Category A), Sam works alongside your vet to ensure that we achieve the best outcome for your dog, cat or horse.

Whether you want to help your animal recover from an injury, reduce their chronic pain, improve their mobility as they age or prevent reoccurring injuries, Sam is an expert in diagnosing the root cause of ongoing issues and implementing an effective treatment plan for rehabilitation.

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Meet ACPAT registered Veterinary Physiotherapist Sam McCarthy

Based in South West London and Surrey, Sam McCarthy has always had an innate affinity to animals. Riding horses from the age of 5 and having her own dogs from 10 years old, she grew up surrounded by animals and was fascinated with helping them to flourish….

Sam analyses posture, gait, limb and spinal range of movement as well as muscle and fascia pain to establish the root causes of discomfort, disease or immobility.

Sam emphasises the importance of learning about the body and how to properly manage your animal’s pain or injuries so that you can start to see tangible results and avoid reoccurrence.

As a fully qualified veterinary physio, Sam’s capabilities range from massage, stretching, mobilisation, exercise regimens and exercise management to electrotherapy’s, taping and more.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Some feedback from past clients

Thank you!!

A very unhappy Cavalier arrived at Sam’s treatment room. He had hurt his neck and back. Not being the bravest dog he was really down. After a few minutes of hands on Sam identifyed the sore area. She encouraged some stretching exercises and explained to me how to treat at home. A much happier dog and owner walked out. I’m so impressed with her obvious love of pets and her skills. Thank you so much.

– Anne


Helped my recovery

After a Jones fracture I wanted to return to sport and exercise as soon as possible.

I contacted Sam because of her qualifications and sport recovery experience, I was able to return a lot sooner than I was expecting and had no further complications.

– Ben


Old cat

I was very worried about my elderly cat. He’s unable to jump up or move the way he use to. He loves to go out and is sad if kept in for too long but I was concerned about him out and about. Because Sam’s a Chartered physio I felt her training would be comprehensive and I was right. Pip took to her quickly and allowed her to examine him and show us exercises for him. Big thank you

– Richard

SW London